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Researched with Huub Toussiant and Swim Smooth, the X-O-Skeleton is the spine and support structure of the suit holding the core of the swimmer straight and aligned in the water. Many swimmers increase their drag and lose efficiency by fish-tailing their hips side to side as they swim, the X-O-Skeleton supports the swimmer and allows them to cut through the water arrow-straight and encourages good body roll for a more efficient stroke.

The areas highlighted in gray of the XO-Skeleton are made with an extremely buoyant material, just like the material used in life jackets. This material, besides being substantially more buoyant than the neoprene, has a lower elasticity. Wait a moment, less elasticity? Exactly, precisely these more rigid components of the Exo Skeleton, when used in certain spaces and being cut in the structure of the skeleton in a thorough way, keep your core centered and aligned. Do not worry, both the chest and shoulders and arms of your Huub wetsuit are superflexible but in the center area of ​​the back and hips, the stiffness of the XO-Skeleton keeps you firm and aligned.

El significado de los números


To assist in developing a high elbow catch for great arm stroke propulsion. A concept developed by Swim Smooth in Perth Australia, these panels allow the bicep to expand naturally as the elbow is bent, dramatically reducing the restriction of the suit. The result is near-zero arm fatigue and an improved bent-throught under the water!


Up to 70% of swimmers cross-over the centre line in front of their head when they swim, losing propulsion and causing them to snake through the water. With Paul Newsome and Adam Young at Swim Smooth we developed a unique over-reach system which restrics the crossing over movement and helps pull the lead arm straight. Another feature of our suits that actually improves your stroke technique as you swim!


One of the first things the professor did was show us his research on forearm catch panels…Thanks Huub! His flow modelling and high speed video footage shows they do not produce any additional propulsion and could well reduce it. Every design feature of every Huub suit has you give a proven benefit to you the swimmer, everything else we discard.


Our man Huub Toussaint specified a new Achilles-friendly calf release system. This super-flexible area of the suit creates less pressure on the calf and achilles, and give more range of movement. The result is a more efficient kick technique with less risk of cramping. No need for a fancy three letter acronym just great wetsuit design!


First seen on Quintana Roo wetsuits, this zipper is the best design in the market with a super-fast exit with one-pull release. You can also zip-up without assistence (not all zippers allow this…shocking but true). Great work you guys at QR! (we will ever claim a design improvement if someone else developed it first)!