Huub España | HUUB Albacore 3:5 Triathlon Wetsuit
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HUUB Albacore 3:5 Triathlon Wetsuit




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The Ex-Demo wetsuit grading from A to D is based on the aesthetic standard of the wetsuit. It will not affect its actual performance. Ex-Demo products have a 30 day warranty.

Ex-Demo Grades:

Grade A1 – Like new wetsuit. May arrive without original packaging.

Grade A – Almost as good as new. Some may have been used for sizing purposes, some may or may not still have the labels attached.

Grade B – Very good condition. These wetsuits will have been used more frequently for sizing than grade A. Will have the odd fingernail mark or some fading of printing in certain areas.

Grade C – Some small patch repairs may have been made to these suits, all carried out by our specially selected company based here in the UK. There may be some fingernail marks from fitting or the printing may show signs of fading or peeling.

Grade D – Suits in this category are similar to those in grade C. However they have had larger repairs carried out, usually panel repairs, replacements. These sections may be in a different colour neoprene, but this does not affect their performance in any way. There may be some fingernail marks from fitting or the printing may show signs of fading or peeling.


The HUUB Albacore Triathlon wetsuit

‘The accumulation of the greatest minds and technology within the triathlon industry’

– Kinetic Release for arm stroke efficiency
– HUUB exclusive Calf Release ™
– DLP exclusive high buoyancy panels around the hips and core
– 40% increased buoyancy over standard and aero-dome neoprenes
– Improved flexible low neck line
– No suit feel under arm modulus
– Breakaway zipper


I have always been very happy with the wetsuit from HUUB, having none of the issues that my tri-friends with different brands have been complaining about. Tight around the neck and chest, restricting the arm movement or having a non-optimal fit. For me, that was nothing I was familiar with. When the HUUB Archimedes 2 arrived I thought; “This is it! With the perfect streamline the 3:5 version gives to non-swimmers like me, together with a flexibility around the shoulders that is unmatched you could not get any wetsuit which is better.” When the HUUB Albacore came it turned out that I was wrong. While the flexibility and buoyancy are similar as the Archimedes 2, the Albacore is stiffer, in the right kind of way. It gives you the extra support to prevent your body from wiggling from side to side and keep you straight as an arrow. For me, the time difference was huge, going from being 10 minutes behind leader out of the water Lars Christian Vold, in 2016, to be only 3 minutes and 22 seconds behind him in 2017(!), well within striking distance. Of course, I have done “the work” regarding improved technique and increased swim volume and quality, but the HUUB Albacore was a real contributor to the overall improvement.

Allan Hovda – 2 x Winner Norseman X-treme Triathlon


Weight 1 kg

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