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At HUUB we live and breathe triathlon and so we thought we’d start a series of training and advice pieces to help beginners to the sport and pro triathletes looking for marginal gains alike. If you would like us to write on a subject you would like to know more about, then use the form on the contact us page to tell us about it.

The most frequently helpful suggestion we make is to check you have fitted your wetsuit correctly. Check out the fitting a wetsuit video; getting a comfortable skin tight fit on your wetsuit takes a little time and a couple of plastic bags to achieve!


  • How To Stay Hydrated When You’re Wearing A Wetsuit
    Compared to land-based sports like cycling and running, hydration needs for swimming are less widely studied, talked about and frankly a lot less understood.
  • How Triathletes Can Maintain Fitness Through The Winter
    The season is officially over. The Olympic, ITU World and Kona World Champions have been crowned. You’ve done your post-season review. You’ve had a couple of blow outs that you’ve regretted in the morning where you’ve uttered the immortal line, ‘never again’ which quickly turns out to be your most short lived promise to yourself. Now what?


  • Get Out There This Winter With Some Cross Country Or Fell Running Races! –  If pounding the pavements under the cloak of darkness isn’t your thing, then mix up your running with something different this winter.


  • The Best Pieces of Cycling Kit For Winter Triathlon Training – Keep yourself layered up and you will keep yourself out there training for longer this winter.


  • How Triathletes Can Get The Most Out Of The Winter Nights – The clocks have gone back and at this time of year it is becoming increasingly hard to get motivated to get out there training. Here we give you motivation!


  • Keeping Your Run Training Fresh In Winter: In the off-season, it is important to keep your levels of fitness high with a good winter training programme. Put simply, variety is your friend.


  • Triathlon Training: Moving from Sprint to Olympic Distance:  You’ve entered the world of triathlon doing your first or a series of sprint distance races and want to go longer.


  • Stepping Up From Standard To Middle Distance Triathlon: Training for a middle distance triathlon race can seem intimidating, but in fact, ‘stepping up’ is very achievable.


  • The Best Way To Improve Swim Times. What Are The Best Sets? Good swim technique is vital to effective swimming. However once you’re working along the right lines, from a technique perspective, conditioning is essential.


  • Preparation Is Everything For A Smooth Transition On Race Day: Don’t waste all that hard work improving your swim, bike and run times by fluffing up your transition.


  • Triathlon Checklist – What do I need for a Triathlon race event in the UK?



Now we are in the off season for open water triathlons, you will reap dividends practising some skills in the pool. These are not eyeball out intensive sessions, but ones to give you some of the skills you will need to become second nature. Practising in training sessions will make these skills instinctive to you on race day in the heat (or actually more like cold) of the moment.

  • Group Swim Pool Training For Better Open Water Swimming – We hope you have been practising our technique tips for getting open water swimming training right in the pool. Let’s get you mentally and physically ready to take to the start line with some group training techniques.


  • Open Water Swimming In The Sea – Swimming in the sea is unlike other forms of open water swimming, but you will reconnect with the child that you once were as you dive through the waves.  Try it and you will find – actually – that you love it!


  • Transitioning from Pool Swimming to Open Water – If you have been pool swimming and fancy the challenge of taking to the great outdoors, let’s help get you into open water for triathlons, for open water swim racing or just for fun.


  • Learning How to Sight When Open Water Swimming – Going in a straight line might seem a simple goal when open water swimming, but it can be trickier than it might first seem.  Read this article on tips on learning how to sight in open water.


  • Open Water Swim Racing Tips – some quick fire tips to help you gain time on swim race day.


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